Couple Surprise Each Other By Proposing On Same Day

Pictionary perfect

A couple were left in complete shock when they each spent months planning a surprise engagement proposal and popped the question on the same day.

Tori Monaco and Berkley Cade starred in a viral video which saw them playing Pictionary in the living room. As Berkley drew on the board, her girlfriend crept up behind her and bent down on one knee with a ring. “Hey Berk, will you marry me?” she asked.

But Berkley also had grand plans to propose. After saying yes to Tori, she pulled a ring box from behind the Pictionary board - and Tori could barely believe her eyes.

The pair, who both live in Texas, starting dating a year ago and instantly hit it off. They then each set in motion plans to propose. According to Buzzfeed, Tori enlisted the help of her mum Kristy to plan the perfect proposal.

Kristy also received a call from Berkley, who wanted to propose during a trip to Washington. Coincidentally, both women had planned to propose on the same day. Kristy didn’t let on that she knew about Tori’s plans, so she told Berkley it was a great idea.

When the time came, the moment was really special - and there were plenty of happy tears.

Tori told HuffPost UK: “I had a suspicion Berkley would propose on our trip to Washington but I never thought she would have planned a proposal at the same time. I thought I would beat her by a couple of days.

“When she began drawing the picture and her hands were shaking, my heart was pounding and I thought she knew I was going to propose.

“When I got down on one knee and proposed and she was speechless I figured I would give a speech and she would say ‘yes’ but instead she pulled out her own ring and I was laughing at the coincidence, crying tears of happiness, and feeling unbelievably shocked that something so perfect was happening to me.”

She added: “I am beyond grateful to love and be loved by someone like her.”