Couple Take Selfie At Wedding After Tying The Knot

'Everyone was laughing.'

Most couples celebrate their union with a kiss on their wedding day, but not Hayley and Scott Jackman.

The pair surprised guests at their ceremony by taking a selfie after they were named husband and wife.

"We had spoken about the idea before the wedding, it was Scott's idea originally, and we had never heard of anyone doing it before," Hayley told Daily Mail Australia.

"We took two options and they were both really good - you can see all the guests in the background and everyone was laughing so it was great."

The pair also hired a professional photographer for the day, but they love their rushed selfie even more than the polished photos.

"It's so much better when it's not posed and you're not nervous - there was no pressure and it was genuinely just a really fun, awesome moment," Hayley said.

Maybe they'll start a new trend.

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