Couple's Sneaky Method To Smuggle Snacks Into The Cinema Just Won The Internet

We're taking notes

We all know cinema treats can be extortionate - in fact, sometimes they can cost as much as the tickets themselves.

To save themselves some money, one couple decided to buy their treats elsewhere and then smuggled them into the cinema using... wait for it... a baby carrier.

A video of the act was shared by Twitter user @Barrington_14, where it’s been retweeted more than 45,000 times.

In the clip, the pair can be seen putting bottles of fizzy drink and chocolate bars into a baby carrier. They then cover the carrier with a blanket, walk through the cinema and nobody suspects a thing.

Of course, Twitter users have a lot of time for the method.

Some were sceptical, explaining you could just take a large handbag and fill it with goods...

But @Barrington_14 wasn’t having any of it. “Be innovative,” he tweeted. “Evolve. BE GREATER than those before you.”

You can’t argue with that.