Small Brewery Creates An Edible Six Pack Ring That Feeds, Not Kills Marine Life

We should all raise a pint to this!

A small craft beer brewery in Florida has done something incredible.

It has created the first edible,100 per cent biodegradable six pack ring.

We Believers

Traditional plastic six pack rings very often end up in the ocean where they can be horrifically damaging to marine life.

Partnering with WeBelievers, the Saltwater Brewery decided to do something about that so it designed, tested and prototyped the first edible six pack ring.

The genius behind the packaging is that it's actually made from the natural byproducts of the beer making process such as barley and wheat.

We Believers

It's true that the edible six pack rings do cost more to produce over the plastic ones but Saltwater is confident that its customers won't mind paying the premium when they find out what it's in aid of.

Indeed the brewery's president Chris Goves hopes that by showing it can be done, they can influence the larger breweries into investing in the technology and in turn bring the manufacturing costs down.

Maarten Wouters via Getty Images

Peter Agardy, head of brand at Saltwater Brewery said: “It’s a big investment for a small brewery created by fisherman, surfers and people that love the sea,”

As a species we have deposited over 5.25 trillion pieces of junk into the ocean.

Plastic makes up a huge chunk of that, and of the most dangerous are six pack rings, those plastic holders which keep our beers together and cans in place.