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'Crafting With Feminism': The Brilliantly Sassy Book You Never Knew You Needed

The 'pizza not patriarchy' lunch bag is a firm favourite 🍕🍕🍕

Crafting With Feminism

If you’re an ardent feminist with creative flair, prepare to fall in love. 

Bonnie Burton’s ‘Crafting With Feminism’ inspires women and men alike to get stuck into humorous craft projects.

The book gets the creative juices flowing by encouraging you to create things like huggable uterus body pillows and ‘pizza not patriarchy’ lunch bags. Amazing.

“I write a lot of arts and craft books, and I am a proud feminist, so it was inevitable that I merge the two themes into one book,” Burton told The Huffington Post UK. 

Crafting With Feminism
We need a huggable uterus body pillow.

During her school years, Burton would always focus on strong, famous women over men when it came down to class projects.  

“I have fond memories of making Suffragette dolls, Frida Kahlo flower crowns and even a Marie Curie science lab diorama,” she said.

“Now as an adult, I find myself wanting to create craft projects that celebrate groundbreaking women who inspire today’s feminists to keep fighting the good fight.

“I also like making crafts that get people talking, and I guarantee the crafts in this book are both thought-provoking and giggle-inducing depending on who buys it.”

Crafting With Feminism
Crafting With Feminism
Crafting With Feminism

Burton hopes her book will not only encourage crafters to celebrate feminism, but will also give feminists a chance to make some “sassy crafts that have a sense of humour to them”.

“Many of the book’s crafts honour icons like Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Bell Hooks, Frida Kahlo, Dorothy Parker and more,” she explained. 

The book features crafts such as the “Killjoy Sash” and Girl Scout-style badges which reward you for not shaving your legs, as well as the Nope necklace “which you can point to whenever someone tells you to smile”.

There’s even a craft that mocks the beauty standard of wearing painful high heels by turning them into cactus planters.

Burton added: “I want people to have fun with these crafts and realise that feminism can mean many different things to all kinds of people.”

Pre-order the book, which comes out on 18 October, here.

Bonnie Burton
Bonnie Burton, author of the book.
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