Parents Share The Creepiest Thing Their Kids Have Said

‘So I could feast for days and days.'

Children can be adorable, but their young minds also have the ability to be completely creepy.

Reddit users have been discussing the totally spine-shuddering things their little angels have come out with over the years.

You might want to make sure you’re not home alone...

Canal Cruise

“Daddy I don’t like that man’s eyes *points to the window, out into the night*. I asked what was wrong with his eyes, and he said ‘They’re not there at all’.”

“My oldest daughter told me once that she wished she could take her own head off and play with it.”

“When my son was four he ran up to me crying ‘I’m so sorry!’ I tried to console and kept asking ‘For what, baby?!’ Out of nowhere he stops crying and just says ‘You’ll see’. And walks away. Never did find out what that was about.”

“I had a miscarriage about a year before my son was born. My daughter was just a toddler when it happened and of course we didn’t tell her or talk about it in front of her. She is now six. A while ago, she was reminiscing about something that had happened ‘when E was born. Not the first time,’ she said, ‘The second time when he stayed’.”

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“My oldest kid speaks Spanish in her sleep but can’t when she is awake.”

“I don’t have children, but as a child, my dad told me that I used to stand on the stairs for hours with my eyes wide open, staring into his and my step mother’s bedroom. If he tried to talk to me, I’d turn around and walk back up the stairs without a word.”