28/11/2016 11:30 GMT

‘The Crystal Maze’ New Series: Channel 4 Left Searching For New Host As Stephen Merchant ‘Quits For Hollywood’

The host has other commitments.

Fans of ‘The Crystal Maze’ will have to wait a little longer for a new series of the show to be confirmed, as Channel 4 is currently stuck hunting for someone to host it.

Stephen Merchant was a big hit on the Stand Up To Cancer one-off special, which aired this year, but he’s not available to take the reigns on a full series.

Channel 4
Stephen's schedule simply doesn't have space for the show 

While reports are claiming Stephen has plans to try and crack Hollywood, Channel 4 have released a statement.

It reads: “Due to the overwhelming popularity of the Stand Up To Cancer special early conversations are being had about ‘The Crystal Maze’ and whilst Stephen was an electrifying host he was always very clear that work commitments meant he would only be able to do the celebrity special.”

On Monday (28 November), The Sun quoted a source as saying: “Stephen has made Channel 4’s job a lot harder by refusing to return for a full series. He was never too keen but the hope was he’d be swayed by the ratings.

“‘The Crystal Maze’ is a great format but it falls flat without the right host. Stephen was witty, energetic and had a bald head – he ticked all the boxes.

“It will be tricky to find someone who can do the job as well as him.”

Hmmm… “Witty, energetic and had a bald head”? Does anyone have Harry Hill’s number? Can’t they give… errm, Heston Blumenthal a call? Ross Kemp?

Just an idea…


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