5 Cute Animals Of The Week: Dog Patiently Waits For Ear Medicine, Even Though He Doesn't Need It

So pure.

Animal-lovers, gather around: It’s time to marvel at our animals of the week. As usual this round-up features some of adorable pets, but this week we also have guest appearances from a cute baby kangaroo and adorable sun bear. You won’t get through this article without smiling, guaranteed.

1. This dog who just wants what his friend is having.

Chloe has two labradors: one needs ear medicine, the other doesn’t (and clearly has major FOMO about it). When it comes to medicine time, the labrador without the ear problems can’t help but try to muscle in on the action.

Watch as he patiently waits for the other dog to have her medicine, before moving in so his human can pretend to administer medicine in his ears. We all know he’s just in it for the ear rubs. Bless.

my dog has ear medicine she needs and the other one also thinks he needs it too.. nobody has the heart to tell him it’s pretend.. pic.twitter.com/Vshe7dhl3b

— chloe copley (@chloecopley_05) September 12, 2018

2. This baby sun bear emerging from her den for the first time.

This week, the first sun bear cub to ever be born in the UK popped its cute little face out from its den at Chester Zoo. The unnamed female cub then had several minor tumbles as she tried to keep up with mum, Milli.

Tim Rowlands, curator of mammals at Chester Zoo, said: “The new cub has plenty of enthusiasm but, at just 12 weeks old, she’s still somewhat wobbly on her legs. She’ll soon find her feet though and it won’t be long until mum Milli really has her paws full.”

Baby bear is settling in well with mum Milli.
Chester Zoo
Baby bear is settling in well with mum Milli.

3. This cat who just wants to be held.

Tigger the cat has his dad wrapped around his little paw. Every morning the lazy moggy has a moment of extreme content while being cradled like a baby by his human for at least 30 minutes. Needy doesn’t quite cut it.

4. This baby kangaroo practising his first hops.

Bradley the baby kangaroo practised his first steps at a sanctuary in Australia this week and the video footage of him tentatively wobbling about is completely and utterly adorable. Just look at those long gangly legs.

If you need some positivity in your newsfeed today, here’s Bradley the baby kangaroo practicing his first hops at a kangaroo sanctuary in Australia😊 pic.twitter.com/OQUfld9jzZ

— Ian Laking (@IHLaking) September 12, 2018

5. This pretty kitty.

Agripinna has a heart condition - hypertrophic cardiomyopathy - which means she has to take lots of medication and has a much shorter life expectancy, but that’s not stopping her from living her best life. The cat, who is a polydactyl (meaning she has seven toes on each paw), is “beautiful and moody” according to owner and HuffPost UK editor Sara Nelson. What a beauty.


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