Dad Confiscates His Daughter's Phone And Won't Let Her Forget About It

Next level dad joke.

There’s nothing like a good dad joke - toe curling, embarrassing and usually dad is the only one laughing.

But now the internet has found a dad joke we can all get on board with.

A photograph of one father’s finest material was shared on Reddit.

The anonymous poster says that the parent confiscated his daughter’s mobile phone and instead of leaving her to rage in private, he kept trolling her with handwritten notes written to look like he was texting her.

The dad said: “Hi daughter. Hope you are behaving yourself. I love you,” and a heart emoji.

She (obviously) didn’t reply, so he wrote: “Why are you not answering me?”

“Oh wait...”

And then a final laughing emoji just to really make the point.

Just in case you weren’t convinced about the new paper tech, he also included the mobile network, signal strength and even the time in the top corner.

One commenter, Destrotant, said: ”I love how it took him two minutes to find the right emoji. Authentic/10, that’s a real dad no doubt.”

Cosmictrousers said: “That page is getting good wifi reception.”

We salute you dad.