Inventor Creates Loogun After Finding His Niece Chewing On A Toilet Brush

Why has nobody thought of this before??

Toilet brushes are vile.

Think about it, we live in the 21st Century and yet the only clear solution we can think of when it comes to cleaning our toilets is a bacteria-coated brush which then rests in a puddle of dirty water.

Tamara Staples via Getty Images

It's a frankly medieval solution, and it's also really dangerous for kids.

Inventor Calan Horsman found this out the hard way when he walked into the loo and found his two-year-old niece happily chewing on one.

Horsman was understandably horrified, and so set about trying to find a way of dragging this stone age piece of equipment into the modern age.


The result is the "Loogun", a small handheld gadget which fires an immensely powerful jet of water at the offending object.

It uses a built-in water reservoir to fire a high-powered thin jet of water into the toilet, meaning you (and the Loogun) can stay as far clear as you like.

Horsman claims the gadget is pretty efficient too with just four AA batteries giving you nine months of happy clean toilets.

Horsman's gadget was originally put forward on Kickstarter and unsurprisingly raised its £50k required backing.

“I couldn’t understand how everything in our homes was being updated using modern design and technology, yet we still relied on an antiquated and unhygienic brush that’s covered in poo," explains the inventor.

"I thought that using water would make more sense and provide a user-friendly solution so set about creating the Loogun”.

Well here we are, at the end of the road and the Loogun is finally ready for public release.

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