Dad's Reaction To Daughter Crying Over A Boy Is Brutal And Brilliant


When you’re a teenager, the whole process of love and dating can be a nightmare to navigate.

That’s one thing Daleynee recently found out when she was experiencing boy trouble and was ranting to her friend about it.

Daleynee’s dad, being the fun guy he is, decided that there was only one way to deal with his anger-fuelled teenage daughter...

He sent her a text message asking her to keep it down. And then insulted the boy in question.

The text read: “Daleynee please turn down your sad music we can still hear you crying. And shut up already he was ugly.”

Ooh burn.

Speaking to BuzzFeed, Daleynee said her dad is a massive joker, but added that it’s what she loves most about him.

“We are always playing around,” she said. “My mom gets mad at times because she thinks he can never be serious, but that’s something I love about him.

“There’s never a dull moment.”