Illustrator Daisy Bernard Nails The Ridiculous Expectations Women Face Every Day

'We’re constantly set conflicting expectations on how to look or how to behave.'

An illustrator has perfectly summarised the ridiculous and often contradictory expectations that women face every day.

Daisy Bernard was prompted to share the illustrations following the burkini ban in France.

“Women are being told to take off their burkinis and undress on the beach, but at the same time we should keep ourselves covered up, and shouldn’t show too much skin,” she wrote on The Tab, before adding that men, on the other hand, can wear what they like.

Bernard explained that beachwear isn’t the only example of “the unreasonable advice” women endure daily. In fact when it comes to things like work, relationships and sex, women are faced with dozens of mixed messages and it’s “very confusing”.

Daisy Bernard

“We’re constantly set conflicting expectations on how to look (wear makeup but look natural) or how to behave at work (act like a lady, think like a boss) or in relationships (don’t be a slut but don’t be frigid),” she wrote.

“These ridiculous expectations are created usually by men, and in many cases by other women too.”

Speaking to The Huffington Post UK, Bernard said she hopes her illustrations “let women (and men) realise how ridiculous this conflicting advice is, rather than accept it as a part of how life will always be”.

Daisy Bernard
Daisy Bernard
Daisy Bernard

To view more of Daisy’s illustrations, visit her Facebook page.

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