'Star Wars' Actress Daisy Ridley Joins Barbra Streisand For Song

This time two years ago, actress Daisy Ridley was just about unknown, to all but her British family and friends.

2016, and not only has she pulled off starring in arguably the most-hyped film franchise ever, the return of ‘Star Wars’, but now she’s pulled off something that some people would think even more daunting - teaming up with the almighty Barbra Streisand on a musical track.

<strong>Daisy Ridley with Barbra Streisand</strong>
Daisy Ridley with Barbra Streisand

The ‘Star Wars’ actress joins Ms Streisand, as well as actress Anne Hathaway, for a number on Barbra’s new album ’Streisand Encore: Movie Partners Sing Broadway’. The trio teams up for ‘At The Ballet’ from musical ‘A Chorus Line’, and you can hear the results here:

Anne Hathaway at least has experience of laying down her vocals, scooping an Oscar for her role of Fantine in the screen version of ‘Les Miserables’.

Other big stars to join in with Barbra on the album include Hugh Jackman, Jamie Foxx, Melissa McCarthy and Chris Pine.

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