Damian From 'Mean Girls' Just Pulled Off The Sweetest Proposal In Starbucks

Glen Coco would be proud.

Daniel Franzese, aka Damian from ‘Mean Girls’, met his partner Joseph Bradley Phillips in Starbucks.

So when the actor decided to propose, the coffee shop seemed like the perfect location.

Sneaky Franzese asked a barista to hide an engagement ring in a cup and label it “Mr & Mr Franzese”

When the couple arrived at the till, the barista handed the cup to Phillips, saying: “Here’s a new drink, want to try it out? I think you’ll love it for the rest of your life.”

Phillips was clearly confused, then stunned, as Franzese got down on one knee.

“Since I met you here at this spot, you opened your heart to me,” Franzese said.

“And I swear to God, my lord, that I will protect that heart for the rest of my life.”

An emotional Phillips said yes while the entire shop burst into applause.

You go, Daniel Franzese.

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