15/03/2016 12:42 GMT

Danny Dyer Appears In Drag For Lucy Rose's 'Nebraska' Music Video

Danny... shantay, you stay.

Of all the things we were expecting to see this Tuesday, Danny Dyer in full drag was not one of them.

And yet, here we are.

Yes the hardman-turned-Queen-Vic-landlord shows off a very different side to his personality in a new music video for Lucy Rose’s ‘Nebraska’ music video.

Twitter/Danny Dyer
Strong wig game is all we can say

The clip sees a crying Danny making his way into a drag bar, before plucking up the courage to throw on high heels, make-up and, yes, he even gives a bit of a performance for the club-goers, in a defiant message of self-acceptance.

Our verdict?

Speaking about his appearance in the video, Danny said: “I was honoured to be asked by the maestro that is Lucy Rose to be part of her video.

"When I got the treatment through I was overwhelmed. I think it's such a moving piece of work. I'm beyond proud to be part of it, I've always believed that people should be who they want to be, regardless of race or gender. Freedom of expression is so important - I really hope that this video gets the recognition it deserves."

Anthony Harvey via Getty Images
Danny, as we're more used to seeing him
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