Danny Dyer's Fiancée Joanne Mas Accuses Mark Wright Of Starting 'Five-On-One Brawl'

'There were five guys against one and Danny still went for them...'

Danny Dyer’s fiancée, Joanne Mas, has accused Mark Wright of launching an attack on the ‘EastEnders’ actor backstage at this year’s V Festival.

Joanne has claimed that Mark spent Sunday afternoon (21 August) “egging on” his friends, resulting in a five-against-one physical altercation, which allegedly took place in front of the couple’s daughter.

Calm before the storm !! V fest !!

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The former ‘TOWIE’ cast member, meanwhile, has denied that he was involved in the incident, clarifying the situation on his Twitter page.

He wrote later that evening: “Seen some stories online today about v festival. I would like to confirm that I personally wasn’t involved in any physical confrontation [sic]”

Danny and Joanne’s daughter, Danni also offered her own statement on her Twitter page, writing: “My dad is the strongest person I know he isn’t a fighter… just because he plays good acting [roles] as a hard man does not mean he is that in real life.

“I admit that I was shouting that Mark Wright is a c***. Because his silly mates thought it was okay to barge past my dad knowing he was drunk.

The soap star had been at V Festival celebrating his stag do, in the lead-up to his and Joanne’s wedding.

The alleged physical altercation comes just days after Mark’s brother Joshua claimed that Danny had been on the receiving end of a “slap” from Mark at a charity football game.

A representative for Mark declined to comment on this incident when contacted by HuffPost UK.

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