Danny Dyer Reveals He Needs Surgery On Testicle Size Of 'Jacket Potato'

The EastEnders star had a typically Danny Dyer way of describing his hydrocele.

Danny Dyer has revealed he is intending to have surgery on his testicles, as one of them is like a “jacket potato”.

The EastEnders star revealed he has a hydrocele, which causes swelling in the scrotum.

Speaking on the latest episode of his podcast with daughter Dani, Sorted With The Dyers, Danny said: “I’m thinking about having a bit of laser [eye] surgery but the other thing I’ve got to get done is my bollock. I’ve got a massive bollock, it’s called a hydrocele.

“Basically one of them is like a fucking jacket potato. It’s one big ball.”

Danny Dyer
Danny Dyer
SOPA Images via Getty Images

He continued: “So I’ve got the biggest bollock in the world and the smallest bollock in the world. If it’s a cold day then my winkle looks like a little slug lying on an apple. That’s going to be the priority.”

The Mick Carter actor explained that he hopes to undergo hydroelectomy when pressure on the NHS caused by the pandemic eases up.

A hydrocele occurs when fluid collects in the thin sheath surrounding a testicle causing swelling of the scrotum.

Danny and Dani discuss a range of issues on their podcast, which aims to tackle dilemmas posed to them by listeners.

The Dyers recently welcomed a new addition to the family after Dani gave birth to her first child.

The Love Island winner welcomed son Santiago with boyfriend Sammy Kimmence in January.

The latest episode of Sorted With The Dyers is available to stream on Spotify now.


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