'Naked Attraction': New Dating Show Sees Potential Couples Meet In The Buff

Rather them than us, eh?

Channel 4 have revealed plans for a new dating show, which will see potential couples meet for the first time, while totally nude.

According to reports, Anna Richardson is set to host the programme, which will make 'Take Me Out’ look like a stroll in the park.

<strong>Anna Richardson will reportedly host the show</strong>
Anna Richardson will reportedly host the show
Ken McKay/ITV/REX/Shutterstock

Each episode will see one man or woman choose from six potential partners, after seeing them in the buff.

After picking their favourite person, the duo will then head out on a normal date, with clothes. Quite frankly, it sounds terrifying.

‘Naked Attraction’ will air next year, but if you need another racy show - hey, no judgement - to tune into in the meantime, there’s always ‘Sex Box’, which is back for a second series on Channel 4 in the coming months.

Steve Jones will host the programme, which sees couples get intimate in a concealed box on the studio, before emerging to discuss their bedroom antics, and having them analysed by a team of sex experts. Again, it sounds absolutely terrifying.

Rather them than us, eh?

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