09/02/2018 09:54 GMT | Updated 09/02/2018 11:01 GMT

Question Time's David Dimbleby Cheered For Shutting Down 'Boring' Terry Christian

Why guests should never try to talk over Dimbleby.

David Dimbleby earned huge cheers and applause from the Question Time audience Thursday night for shutting down Terry Christian for being “boring”. 

During a highly-charged debate over Brexit in Darlington, ardent Remainer Christian - dubbed the “most hated man on television” following his stint as host of the infamous 90′s show The Word - repeatedly spoke over Dimbleby and fellow guest Richard Tice, earning heckles of “shut up” from the audience. 

But it was the panel’s chair who finally ended Christian’s tirade over the potential drawbacks of leaving the EU. 

“Okay, let’s stop, stop, stop, stop, stop please,” Dimbleby demanded. 

“It’s getting boring, you’re getting boring,” he continued, chanting “boring, boring”.  

David Dimbleby earned cheers from the audience for his smackdown of Terry Christian 

“If we’re going to have arguments conducted like this, I can see why people get bored of the argument.” 

But despite a smackdown from Dimbleby - which earned raucous applause from the live audience - Christian attempted one final dig at Tice, adding: “He needs to give his head a wobble”.  

Viewers dubbed the exchange “comedy gold”, while others called Christian’s behaviour “embarrassing”.

Christian and Tice were joined on the panel by shadow foreign secretary Emily Thornberry, Tory MP Claire Perry and Times columnist Rachel Sylvester.