14/08/2019 22:00 BST

Deep Water Episode 1: The 7 Burning Questions We Now Have

Anna Friel's new ITV drama has already sparked a lot of intrigue.

Secrets, lies and infidelity all took centre stage as ITV’s new family thriller Deep Water began on Wednesday night. 

Sent against the picturesque backdrop of the Lake District, the whole thing looked idyllic but the events that unfolded were anything but, as three mothers struggled to keep their heads above ‘deep water’. 

As the episode ended with the shock disappearance of teenager Lucinda Riverty, here’s the burning questions we’ve been left asking...


Will Roz agree to Scott’s indecent proposal? 

With mounting debts, the threat of eviction and a husband who is not being honest about the true extent of their financial troubles, things aren’t looking great for Roz right now. 

After taking a handout from Scott to pay for her flat tyre, will she be tempted by his offer of cash in exchange for regular sex?

Is there more to Scott than his proposal?

He was outside Roz’s house when the bailiffs were there and then saw her with her brother Pete down by the lake – so was Roz on to something when she asked Scott if he is stalking her?

We’re betting the answer is yes, which would certainly hint that his proposed arrangement is just the tip of the iceberg, and that he could be a whole lot more sinister than originally thought. 


What’s the deal with Kate and her sister’s relationship?

Their row at the dinner party seemed to stem from a very deep-rooted place, and lasted long enough for Joe to fall asleep on the sofa and for Lisa to have sex with Kate’s brother-in-law in the bathroom. 

What the hell were they arguing about for that long, and could it hint at something that will be revealed later down the track?

Did someone see Lisa having sex in the bathroom?

As the sexual tension between Lisa and Kate’s brother-in-law bubbled over, they forgot to close the bathroom door behind them as they got down to business. 

As they romped, we saw a flicker of someone passing the crack in the door wearing a stripped T-shirt.

While their identity was not revealed, a quick rewind confirmed Kate’s daughter Lucinda was wearing a stripped T-shirt while sat on the stairs as Lisa and Joe arrived – so the question is, did she see her uncle and best friend’s mum cheating with one another?


What has Lucinda done with Lisa’s pants?

After Lisa paid a return visit to Kate’s to collect the pair of pants she’d left behind after her bathroom liaison, Kate revealed she’d found a lacy thong in amongst Lucinda’s things, which Lisa quickly realised were her’s. 

Had Lucinda picked them up in error? Or was she keeping hold of them to use against Lisa?

Where is Lucinda?

With Lisa having forgotten to collect Kate’s daughter from school for a sleepover, it was soon revealed Lucinda had gone missing.  

But has something actually happened to her, or could this all be part of a long game she is playing to get back at Lisa for sleeping with her uncle?


Is Kate the worst dinner party host ever?

She might have the big house, the nice wine and fancy catering, but that was one seriously terrible dinner party. 

Deep Water continues next Wednesday at 9pm on ITV.