Deliciously Stella Shares Five Life Lessons That Stick Two Fingers Up At Clean Eating

She's calling nutribullsh*t on healthy living.

Tired of the holier-than-thou clean eating crowd? Deliciously Stella is parody Instagram account for you.

Created by comedian Bella Younger, Stella is the antidote to clean eating, gym selfies and motivation Instagram quotes that make us feel guilty about being hungover in bed at 1pm on a Sunday.

Swapping courgetti for strawberry laces and green juices for blended Viennetta, she is hoping to #freegluten and calls nutribullsh*t on the new obsession with healthy living.

To celebrate the release of her debut book, ‘Deliciously Stella’, which is a mix of hilarious parody recipes and (un)motivational quotes, we asked her to share five life lessons.

Deliciously Stella


As you can probably tell from my Instagram feed, I am really into fitness. It’s great to mix up your workouts so I like to do something different every day.

If I really want to train dirty, I’ll spill my coffee on the tube on my morning commute or I might go spinning by lying down when I’m really drunk.

Body Image:

People are always talking about their body being ‘beach body ready’ which I find very confusing.

As long as you lay your beach wear out the night before, you should be beach body ready as soon as you wake up.

Clean Eating:

When I first started on my journey I was so confused by what people meant by #eatclean - I mean surely all food is clean as long as not its been eaten out of the bin.

That’s when I realised that eating clean basically means eating when you are clean or when you are cleaning.


I like to take my lead from my good friend Fat Boy Slim who’s advice is to ‘eat sleep rave repeat’.

That means that sleep is one of the four most important parts of your day and is not to be missed.

Work/Life Balance:

I find that paid work can get in the way of my lifestyle so its best to just make your work your life. I spend most of my days recipe testing and practising beach yoga so it never really feels like a job to me.

My Instagram followers are my life’s work, I owe them everything.

Bella Younger’s ‘Deliciously Stella’ is out on 8 September 2016