Dentist Reveals The Worst Time To Drink Coffee In The Morning And We're Stunned

I've been doing it wrong this whole time.

Not to be a cringe millennial saying “but first, coffee!”, but seriously, first thing in the morning, coffee. No talking, no checking my phone, nothing. I’m zombie-walking right to that coffee machine and getting a mug full of the good stuff before I even address the fact that another day has started.

Of course, I know I’m not alone in this. Despite the reputation we have for being tea drinkers, we are a nation of coffee lovers in the UK, according to YouGov and I’d be willing to bet that many of us, especially older adults and parents, can’t do much before we’ve had our brew.

It turns out though, that our first port-of-call for the day should probably be brushing our teeth as according to Dr Daz Singh, Lead Dentist and Clinical Director for Ollie and Darsh Liverpool, drinking coffee before brushing our teeth can be causing a multitude of dental problems.

Why you should NEVER drink coffee before brushing your teeth

It could cause staining

According to Dr Singh, if you consume coffee before brushing your teeth first thing, it can contribute to tooth staining as the pigment from coffee ‘infiltrates’ the enamel structure and causes staining over time.

It could lead to damaging your tooth enamel

Dr Singh said: “Consuming coffee before morning tooth brushing can contribute to acid erosion on teeth, a process influenced by the acidic nature of coffee and the overnight bacterial activity in the oral cavity. Coffee, being an acidic beverage with a low pH, introduces acids such as chlorogenic acids into the oral environment.”

He added that this softening of the enamel, coupled with the abrasive action of toothbrushing, increases the susceptibility to erosive processes. This demineralisation compromises the structural integrity of enamel and leads the tooth surface being more prone to wear and damage.

Dr Singh warned: “Consistent exposure to coffee, especially prior to morning oral hygiene practices, heightens the risk of enamel erosion, emphasising the importance of timely tooth brushing and maintenance of oral health to mitigate these deleterious effects.”

It could lead to bacterial growth in the mouth

Dr Singh warned that drinking coffee before brushing your teeth in the morning can foster bacterial growth in the mouth thanks to the environment created by the bacteria already present in your mouth combined with the nutrients in coffee.

He added: “The rich nutritional composition of coffee, including sugars and proteins, serves as a substrate for bacterial metabolism, promoting the formation of biofilms and dental plaque.”

He then warned that this can lead to periodontal disease.

It can give you bad breath

According to Dr Singh, consuming coffee before morning tooth brushing may contribute to bad breath, scientifically known as halitosis, through a combination of factors related to the composition of coffee and the oral microbiome. Coffee, with its rich aromatic compounds, can temporarily mask malodours but does not address the underlying causes of bad breath.

The breakdown of coffee components by bacteria can result in the release of unpleasant-smelling byproducts.

To avoid this, Dr Singh recommends maintaining regular oral hygiene practices, including effective tooth brushing and tongue cleaning, for optimal hygiene and oral freshness.