24/11/2017 11:45 GMT

Denzel Washington Has One Big Question After Seeing Drake's Tattoo Of His Face


Denzel Washington was left scratching his head after being shown Drake’s tattoo of his face during an interview with Jimmy Fallon.

The Oscar-winning actor admitted that he’d previously been made aware of Drake’s ink, when Jimmy presented him with a photo of the tat, adding: “I just don’t know what body part this is from… on Drake.”

As Jimmy speculated, Denzel didn’t have much to say for himself, and when the host excitedly said, “that’s you”, the ‘Fences’ star said simply: “Yeah it is.”

Denzel Washington and Jimmy Fallon

He then jokingly asked to see the “crazy” photo so he could get a better idea of where the tattoo might be, remarking: “Now you got me wondering! Where is that?”

Denzel added: “He got some other… people he admired tattooed [on him] as well.”

Jimmy then joked: “Oh… maybe I’m on there.”

Yeah... maybe not, Jimmy

For those wondering, it’s possible Drake’s tattoo is on his side, as it appears to be next to his already-existing inking of the figure ‘6’.

The ‘6’ is thought to form part of a tribute to one of his favourite singers Aaliyah, who he also has a portrait of on his back.

However, it may also be on his forearm, where he also has a ‘6’ tattooed next to a pair of praying hands.

Drake's '416' tattoo

Drake isn’t the only star to have one of his idols permanently etched on him in tattoo form, with Lindsay Lohan and Lady Gaga sporting body art in tribute to Marilyn Monroe and David Bowie, while Michael Jackson’s eldest children, Prince and Paris, both have tattoos in remembrance of their famous father.

Watch Denzel’s full interview with Jimmy Fallon in the video above.

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