Derry Girls: 7 Reasons Why Series 2 Is Even Better Than The First

Don't worry, we're keeping the spoilers to a minimum.

As if the return of Fleabag wasn’t enough, another of our favourite comedies is returning tonight, with Derry Girls airing at 9.15pm on Channel 4.

It’s been a full year since we caught up with the gang, who are now preparing for a new term at school.

The first series was seriously laugh-out-loud funny so we don’t blame you if you’re feeling a little apprehensive about how writer Lisa McGee will top it with the new episodes.

They're back!
They're back!
Channel 4

However, after catching a sneaky preview, HuffPost UK can confirm that not only are the new episodes just as class, they’re actually even better.

Here are seven reasons why...

It starts with a throwback to the first ever scene

We’re not going to include loads of spoilers here because everyone deserves to enjoy the new series themselves, but the first scene is a wonderful throwback to when Orla read Erin’s diary – but this time Erin gets to do some reading of her own.

Claire is ready to live her best life

The series one finale saw Claire come out to Erin, and Derry Girls writer Lisa McGee later revealed that believes Claire spent most of those six episodes realising she was gay and coming to terms with her sexuality.

Now, with her supportive friends by her side, it’s definitely time for Claire to enjoy her teenage years a little more.

Nicola Coughlan as Claire
Nicola Coughlan as Claire
Channel 4

We would say maybe she’ll stop grassing them up as well, but let’s not ask for too much.

The guest stars are amazing

Judith Roddy sets the bar seriously high as Ms de Brun, who is a combination of all the best and worst teachers you ever had.

When she arrives to take over their creative writing class, you’ll 100% get flashbacks to when you truly believed you could be the great literary voice of your generation. Or y’know, just being quite inspired and writing a decent poem.

Ms de Brun
Ms de Brun
Chanel 4

Michelle is rowdier and louder than before

Drink every time she calls someone a “ride”, we dare you. No don’t actually, you won’t make it through 20 minutes, let alone a whole series. And it airs on Tuesday for goodness sake, this isn’t the weekend.

Michelle was always our fave (all girls are so fantastic that they’re currently tied in the top spot, what of it?) and the new school terms sees her raring to go.

Episode two in particular is where she really comes into her own. “Determination” sums it all up quite well.

Sister Michael features a lot more

Perhaps because of how well she went down with fans in series one, Siobhan McSweeney has a lot more screen time, with even more scathing one-liners and put-downs.

Jenny is back too and just as irritating as ever
Jenny is back too and just as irritating as ever
Channel 4

And The Cranberries feature heavily in the soundtrack

After using the group’s debut single Dreams to introduce the show last year, Lisa McGee delves a little deeper into their back catalogue for round two, with at least three tracks from the band appearing in the first two episodes alone.

The girls’ interactions with Protestant boys are something

Again, we’re not going to spoil it, but just to give you an idea of how the gang are approaching their peace initiative outdoor activities weekend, Michelle declares: “We’re doing it for peace. A piece of fine Protestant ass.”

There are two exceptions, though, as Claire is incredibly stressed at the idea of an outdoors weekend and Orla is... well Orla is Orla, who knows what she’s thinking?

Derry Girls airs at 9.15pm tonight on Channel 4.


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