Dip Dye Wedding Dress Divides Opinion All Over The Internet

No one can agree on whether it's awesome or awful.

Would you wear a dip dye wedding dress? That’s the question millions of people are currently asking themselves thanks to this viral picture.

The divisive dress, posted on photo sharing site Imgur, looks like a typical ivory lace gown, until you scroll down and see the bright ombre effect at the bottom.

American artist Taylor Ann created the one-of-a-kind design especially for her wedding day, but that hasn’t stopped people coming to online blows over it.

Some commenters are firmly Team Dip Dye: “The only real reason to get married is so that you have an occasion to wear one of these.”

Others are taking a more practical approach: “Great way to hide all the damn stains on the hem from walking around for pictures.”

And the rest are pretty anti: “Oh I thought it was just dragged through the mud.”

One dip dye wedding dress that definitely wasn’t Photoshopped is Gwen Stefani’s custom white and pink ombré dress by John Galliano for Dior back in 2002.

UK Press via Getty Images

And if it’s good enough for Gwen...

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