31/07/2017 16:06 BST | Updated 31/07/2017 17:14 BST

Dirty Dancing Fans, You Can Actually Stay At The Movie’s Holiday Resort

Watermelons at the ready.

Prepare for the time of your life people, the Dirty Dancing resort is real and you can actually stay there.

Many believed (ourselves included) that Kellerman’s was just a film set where Jonny and Baby fell for each other, but Mountain Lake Lodge is open for business.

And what better place to celebrate the film’s 30th anniversary in August? (Yeah, we feel old too.)

Die-hard fans to relive their favourite movie moments. The resort has even stocked up on a batch of watermelons for all your Instagram needs. 

While the film is set in Catskill Mountains in New York state, the actual resort is in Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains.

Mountain Lake currently offers Dirty Dancing–themed weekends in the summer.

See you there?