30/03/2017 11:19 BST

Super Chilled Dog Comes Out Of Vets With Huge Smile On Face (And The Internet Can't Handle It)

'Doggo went under for surgery and now he is DRUGGO.'

A photo of a dog coming out of sedative-induced bliss is doing the rounds on the internet - and it’s seeing us through the week.

Oscar the golden retriever came out of surgery and was on his way home when he was snapped by his owner Sarah with what appears to be a huge smile on his face.

Sarah shared the photo of her blissful pup on Twitter with the caption: “Doggo went under for surgery and now he is DRUGGO.”

Needless to say, it nearly broke the internet. 

The tweet was shared more than 110,000 times and received over 370,000 favourites.  

According to Sarah, Oscar had been to the vets to have seven fatty tumours removed. She told BuzzFeed: "He always had a tendency to smile, so that plus the sedatives ends up with this photo."

After she shared the tweet, plenty of people got in touch to check her beloved pooch was recovering okay.

Sarah has since shared updates of Oscar’s recovery, which has been aided with the help of his feline companion.


People have also taken to sharing photos of their own pets post-surgery - and it makes for pretty hilarious (albeit adorable) viewing. 

Internet, you so great.