Brazilian Couple Finally Have Wedding Photos Taken 60 Years After Getting Married

The photos are so beautiful 😭

When Dona Rosa and Seu Russo married in 1957 in a relative’s yard, it was a modest affair: an aunt made the cake, Rosa’s godmother made her dress and the family gathered around to celebrate the union of two young people, about to build their lives together.

Unfortunately the couple didn’t have any photos of that magical day way back when, they only had their memories to work with.

But all of that changed, 60 years later, when a collective of creatives in São Paulo, Brazil, teamed up to help the couple recreate their wedding day. And this time, there was a photographer and videographer on hand to capture the special day.

The couple, who have nine children, 16 grandchildren and four great-grandchildren, relived their wedding in a beautiful outdoor setting, surrounded by vintage furniture and fairy lights.

Candid photos, taken by photographer Dávid from Sao Paulo Fotografia, show the pair are still very much in love.

David’s partner Vivian shot video footage of the wedding, while the bride’s dress, groom’s suit, decorations, bouquet and space were all supplied by other local businesses.

The kindness of this group certainly gave the couple a special day to remember - and, perhaps most importantly, a way to remember it by.