Trump Brutally Mocked For Tweet Appealing To 'Suburban Housewives'

One Twitter user joked that the anachronistic tweet would help the president "win the 1956 presidential election."

President Donald Trump’s decision to reach out to a particular demographic may have backfired if reactions to his tweet are any indication.

On Thursday, the president retweeted a New York Post editorial criticizing presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden’s plan to build more high-density affordable housing in suburban areas.

The president’s retweet came with a comment suggesting that the “Suburban Housewives of America” read the article to learn how the former vice president planned to destroy American neighborhoods.

But the president’s attempt at appealing to suburban women didn’t work out as he might have expected, possibly because many people found the reference to “housewives” to be anachronistic at best.

A couple of people noted the subtext to Trump’s appeal to “suburban housewives.”

And some people were skeptical that Trump’s tweet would do what he intended.

Many suburban moms were quick to clap back at the president.

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