These Dr Pimple Popper-Inspired Zit Cakes Will Put You Off Your Dinner

So. Gross. 😷

We now live in a world where you can take your love of zit-popping to a whole new level. By eating spots (kind of).

Bakers have created cakes inspired by spot-popping extraordinaire Dr Pimple Popper and they look absolutely revolting.

The sugary creations look like huge pimples with white heads. When you squeeze the tops of them, yellow icing that resembles spot gunk oozes out.

Dr Sandra Lee / Facebook

A video of the cakes having their heads squeezed was uploaded to Dr Sandra Lee’s (aka Dr Pimple Popper’s) Facebook page.

But even her most loyal followers were not too keen.

Jodi Schulman wrote: “That’s just gross and I can watch the grossest pimple pops.”

While Karina Louise Laursen added: “Who the hell would eat those :O And what crazy person thought ‘oh wow, I might just make me some edible pimple cupcakes’. Gross.

The stomach-churning cakes were made by Blessed By Baking, whose creations are normally far more appealing.

Stick to what you know, guys.

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