Dracula Viewers Left Horrified But Howling At 'Terrifying, Vile And Wonderfully Camp' New Drama

The BBC's new adaptation had everyone grossed out, but its dark humour also kept us entertained.

The story of Dracula has been around for over a hundred years, but for many people, it had never been told quite like how it was on BBC One on New Year’s Day.

The broadcaster’s fresh take on the classic tale well and truly grossed everyone out as the new three-part series made its debut.

BBC/Hartswood Films/Netflix/Robert Viglasky

It proved to be more gruesome than many could have ever imagined, with stomach-churning scenes straight from the off – including this one, which saw a fly enter character Jonathan Harker’s eye...

Then there was this scene where his fingernail peeled off his decaying body, after he was bitten by Dracula...

A bat also landed on his love interest Mina’s face and bit her...

Oh, and then Dracula emerged – naked, we might add – from the stomach of a terrifying wolf...

Oh, and that’s not even mentioning the final scene of Wednesday’s episode, which saw Dracula enter Jonathan’s undead body to trick Mina and Mother Superior, before peeling his face away.

Yep, in all, it was a very horrifying affair – and it seemed most people were not ready for what they witnessed...

But just because it had everyone terrified didn’t mean they hadn’t enjoyed it – in fact, the drama’s dark humour, one-liners and campy dialogue were widely praised...

The new adaptation of Dracula has been written by Sherlock creators Mark Gatiss and Stephen Moffat, who you will also remember as the former boss of Doctor Who.

Danish actor Claes Bang takes on the titular role, with Dolly Wells plays Sister Agatha, who is revealed to be Dracula’s sworn enemy, Van Helsing.

Dracula continues on Thursday and Friday night at 9pm on BBC One.


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