Drake Bell Brought 'Totally Kyle' To TikTok And Now We Miss Early 2000s Nickelodeon

The 33-year-old resurrected his character from "The Amanda Show" for the "Wipe It Down" challenge, and it's peak nostalgia fuel.

We’re totally obsessed with Drake Bell’s throwback videos on TikTok.

The Nickelodeon star has been serving fans a solid dose of early aughts throwbacks with short-form videos featuring a beloved character he portrayed on the Amanda Bynes-helmed “The Amanda Show.”

Fans will remember that one of the sketches on the show had Bell starring as a blonde and tie-dye-wearing rocker kid named Kyle who told silly stories and sounded like he was plucked right off of a California beach. Kyle always said, “Totally!” at the end of his stories, coinciding with the title of the sketch: “Totally Kyle.”

On Monday, Bell participated in the “Wipe It Down” challenge on TikTok and ― as per the trope of the challenge, in which participants wipe down a mirror and reveal a different version of themselves ― briefly appears as Kyle in his own bathroom mirror.

The video later made the rounds on Twitter and exploded with more than 90,000 retweets and 350,000 likes.

While Bell’s “Wipe It Down” take is great in its own right, it’s not the first time he’s brought Kyle to the social media platform.

Earlier this month, the “Drake & Josh” star posted a video of himself wearing his Kyle digs in tandem with an old clip from “The Amanda Show.” You’d almost never know that nearly 20 years have passed between the clip and present-day Bell:

Please keep posting the goods, Drake. We’re loving the nostalgia.


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