‘Dress To Impress’: ITV2 Launches All-New Dating Show Created By Matt Edmondson

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Following the success of ‘Love Island’, ITV is revealing an all-new dating show, ‘Dress To Impress’.

The programme will arrive on our screens next month and the first episode even includes a former Islander, Oliver Maxwell Fernandez, who is still searching for love.

Ahead of the series, here’s everything we can tell you about the show…

Let’s start with the format

As dating shows go, this is pretty simple. Three singletons will compete for one contestant’s affections, by attempting to pick outfits for them.

The three shoppers will face a series of mystery “style-based challenges”, with the final two left competing in a head-to-head challenge with the hope of winning the date with the picker.

Finally, there’s the all-important question - will they be seeing each other again?

This is one of the better outfits
This is one of the better outfits
ITV Pictures

Matt Edmondson dreamed up the concept

The Radio 1 DJ thought up the idea while on a shopping trip of his own, he recently explained to The Mirror.

He’ll also provide voiceovers on the show.

Matt Edmondson
Matt Edmondson
Doug Peters/EMPICS Entertainment

Not all of the contestants are actually stylish

While each singleton in charge of judging the outfits for picked for them, those doing the choosing don’t always hit the mark.

Matt’s revealed that some of the ensembles which are particularly bad include a “blancmange ball gown, floor-length, ruffly, peach thing a bridesmaid would say no to” anda “black, fishnet, incredibly tight, ‘Moulin Rouge’, ankle-length dress, which looked like a satsuma bag”.

Love Island's Oliver (right) is in the first episode
Love Island's Oliver (right) is in the first episode
ITV Pictures

There won’t be any ‘Love Island’-esque bedroom antics

As the show airs at 6pm - and features different people in each episode - we can confidently say that things will stay strictly PG.

ITV has commissioned 30 episodes

The broadcaster clearly has confidence in the show, which will air on ITV2 for the next 30 weeks.

‘Dress To Impress’ arrives on screens on Monday 4 September.


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