Drew Barrymore Considering Psychedelics To Explore Why She's Not Open To Relationship

The former child star said she wants to search for the reason she's so "tired and exhausted" with romance.

Drew Barrymore said she’s done with dating — and is trying to figure out why.

“I spent a lot of my life loving romance and drama and all of that,” Barrymore told New York magazine in an interview published Monday. “I just burnt myself out on it. I genuinely am tired and exhausted.”

“I’m curious to examine why I’m not open to a relationship,” she told the magazine. “I really think I have some serious shit buried. And I don’t know if it’s like I need to try an MDMA treatment or psilocybin as a way to get to some state where I could see things in a different way.”

Numerous studies have shown that psilocybin, the compound in psychedelic mushrooms, could help heavy drinkers cut back or quit entirely. MDMA, otherwise known as ecstasy or molly, has been shown to alleviate mental health issues like anxiety or depression.

Barrymore has been open about the substance abuse issues of her past. She told The Los Angeles Times in December that she coped with her “cripplingly difficult” divorce from Will Kopelman by drinking.

Barrymore recently said she hasn’t had sex since her 2016 divorce from Will Kopelman.
Barrymore recently said she hasn’t had sex since her 2016 divorce from Will Kopelman.
Greg Allen/Invision/Associated Press

The “Charlie’s Angels” star was married to former MTV star Tom Green from 1994 to 1996. She previously dated David Arquette, Luke Wilson and Justin Long, with whom she recently had a teary reunion.

Barrymore, now a successful daytime talk show host, uses her platform on “The Drew Barrymore Show” to encourage her famous guests to open up emotionally. She also juggles motherhood — she shares two young children with Kopelman — and trying to find fulfillment.


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