13/05/2016 15:35 BST

Drone Vs Medieval Spear: It Was Only Going To End One Way


Drones have had something of a hard time recently.

While some might argue that much of the wrath they've endured is probably deserved drones have been brought down by everything from eagles to school children and even a particularly miffed ram.

Well now it's time for things to get medieval as a Russian reenactor takes out this quadcopter with a perfectly placed spear throw.

YouTube/Геннадий Толчеев

While the rest of the reenactors go about their reenacting one bystander decided he was having none of it and so decided to unleash some medieval justice on then flying gadget.

If nothing else you have to admire the man's skill. Taking out a drone might be child's play for an eagle but if you've ever had the misfortune of being tasked with taking one down using only a weapon from the Middle Ages then you'll share this man's struggle.

Great shot.