09/06/2016 11:54 BST

Drunk Driving Simulator Issues A Stark Reality Check For Teenagers

Do you think you could drink drive?

Despite the fact it's entirely illegal, many people still think they know better and attempt to hit the road after having a few drinks.

Well to try and hit home just how physically difficult it actually is for your body to do this Ford has created its very own drunk driving simulator in the US.

The process starts off by making the guinea pigs (in this case a group of teens) wear a complex set of weights and inhibitors including ear muffs and a pair of specially designed goggles.


They're then asked to walk along a white line without falling off it finally culminating in the classic "Can you touch your nose please?" task.

As Buzzfeed's video points out, the teens are absolutely terrible at both of these tasks, as indeed you would be after a few drinks.

To really hit the message home Ford told the teens to try and then drive around a pre-set obstacle course wearing just the goggles.


How did it go? Well watch the video above to find out but needless to say it didn't go to plan. Not even slightly.

Drunk driving isn't just stupid then, it's also really really difficult for your body to actually do.