Apparently We're Supposed To Be Dunking Our Kit Kats In Coffee

Get with the dunk.

People, it turns out we're suppose to be dunking our Kit Kats in coffee -- or tea. We know, this is surprising. A Kit Kat is a candy bar, not a cookie. We don't dunk Snickers. Or Reese's. Or M&M's. (Man, that would be hard.) But according to design firm Green Hat Design, we should be doing this.

And not only should we be dunking Kit Kats, but there is a correct amount of time for dunking them, too. Look (click on the image for an enlarged version):

Credit: Green Hat Design

See it there, right next to lemon cookie and giant cookie? There is the Kit Kat -- a common candy bar -- pretending to be a cookie. It's true that there is a cookie wafer beneath the Kit Kat's layer of milk chocolate. But still. Kit Kats are shelved right next to Three Musketeers -- and it is one of the best treats scored on Halloween. It is, at its core, candy.

Turns out this design company is not alone in their dunking habits. One quick Google search surfaced this image in Wikimedia commons:

kit kat

This is a thing -- and we've been missing out. If you're ready to switch your Kit Kat perspective from candy bar to cookie, note that the perfect amount of time to dunking is six seconds. After that it's extreme sogginess. And no one wants to eat a soggy Kit Kat.

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