18/03/2018 10:49 GMT

Eamonn Holmes Says 'Ridiculous' Political Correctness Is Making Working TV More 'Vanilla'

'TV is now full of vanilla presenters who just say what is on the autocue.'

Eamonn Holmes has suggested that a culture of political correctness is making his job as a TV personality increasingly more difficult.

The ‘This Morning’ host has worked in television for decades, spending 12 years at the helm of ‘GMTV’ before making the jump to Sky’s ‘Sunrise’ morning show, a job he stepped down from in 2016.

However, while Eamonn insists that being a TV presenter is still “the easiest job he’ll ever do”, he told the Daily Star that a rise in PC culture is affecting his enjoyment.

David M. Benett via Getty Images
Eamonn Holmes

He said: [Being on TV] is made more difficult by people who either can’t do it, or can’t understand, or want to make themselves seem more important.

“It’s an increasingly PC world. You’ve got a whole TV schedule that is vanilla – it’s full of vanilla presenters who just say what is on the autocue.”

Eamonn added: “I’ve got nothing against being PC. Nobody has any argument against things like equal pay or racial discrimination.

“But then there are some things that are so PC you just think ‘Oh, don’t be ridiculous’.”

Earlier this week, Eamonn’s former ‘GMTV’ co-host Fiona Phillips disclosed that she was paid less than him for presenting the ITV daytime show, while also missing out on “perks” that he was afforded.

Eamonn’s comments about “PC culture” aren’t the first time that he has lamented changes to the world of TV since he first joined the industry, hitting out at the current crop of new presenting talent in an interview last year.

He fumed: “Unfortunately we’ve got this trend where it seems to be as long as people are famous or as long as they’ve come through reality TV, a lot of executives think, ‘Well that’s good enough, you should be on and you should anchor’.”

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