16/06/2016 20:00 BST

EastEnders’ Bobby Beale Sentenced To Three Years In Prison For Murder Of Sister Lucy

And about time, too.

‘EastEnders’ fans finally got the moment they’ve been waiting for during Thursday’s (16 June) episode, which saw Bobby Beale sentenced to three years in prison for murder.

The youngster pleaded guilty to the murder of his sister Lucy at his hearing, as a nervous Ian watched on.

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Bobby discovered his fate 

Bobby’s comeuppance finally came after his second attack, which he launched on Jane last month.

Jane was left almost fatally-injured after the incident, and Bobby ran from the house to the Queen Vic, where he admitted both that attack, and the murder of Lucy, to the whole pub.

Following news of his son's prison sentence, Ian struggled to cope, and things then got worse, when police officer Keeble asked him when he found out his son was guilty of murder.

The coming episodes of the show will see the Beales come to terms with the events of the past few weeks, as Jane continues to recover from his attack.

On Friday (17 June), the family will receive a much-needed good update on Jane’s health, though sadly, things take another sombre turn when Ian makes a discovery.

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