'EastEnders': Dot Branning Lost Her Job At The Laundrette And Fans Are Outraged

It's certainly the end of an era in Walford.

She’s been a regular fixture in Walford’s laundrette for over 30 years, but it’s all over for EastEnders’ Dot Branning.

Friday’s (30 September) episode of the soap saw June Brown’s iconic character lose her job at Albert Square’s laundry establishment.

Having been threatened with redundancy earlier this week, fans were hoping that Dot would be able to continue giving out advice and bits of her Battenberg alongside service washes when she was given the chance to re-interview for her job.

However, she learnt her bid to remain in the laundrette under its new ownership had been unsuccessful, and she was given her marching orders in some emotional scenes.

Dot Branning learnt her fate on Friday's 'EastEnders'
Dot Branning learnt her fate on Friday's 'EastEnders'

Fans couldn’t keep it together, as Dot was delivered the blow, before locking up the laundrette and heading home to an empty house.

Many are already launching a petition to save Dot’s job:

However, this is the world of Walford we’re talking about, and we’d be surprised if Dot really does have to hang up her tabard...

‘EastEnders’ continues on Monday at 8pm on BBC One.

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