22/09/2017 11:29 BST | Updated 23/09/2017 08:25 BST

'EastEnders' Fan Theory Explains How Fi Browning Is Connected To Kathy Beale's Mystery Visitor

Are the pieces of the puzzle finally coming together?

‘EastEnders’ fans may have cracked the soap’s biggest on-going mystery, after two bombshells were dropped during Thursday’s (21 September) episode.

For months, viewers have been wondering who Fi Browning really is, why she is caught up in Max Branning’s plans to destroy Walford and who the mystery ‘Chairman’ - that seems to be behind everything - is. 

While the latest instalment may not have given concrete answers to these questions, new developments saw fans share a convincing theory that connects them to former character James Willmott Brown. 

James Willmott Brown raped Kathy Beale in 1988

The episode saw Kathy being watched by “an old friend” whose identity was kept hidden from viewers, while it also emerged that Fi Browning’s real name is actually Sophie. 

Many people on social media believed this man could be James, who raped Kathy during the 1980s. 

The fact James also had a daughter called Sophie - Fi’s real name - adds weight to the theory.

Given that James left Walford in disgrace after being forced out in 1992, he certainly has reason for wanting revenge on its residents, suggesting he could be ‘the Chairman’ of Weyland and Co - the company Max works for.

Viewers already know that Fi (or should that be Sophie?) is the sister of Max’s boss Josh, who could be James’s other child, Luke.

Fi's real name is actually Sophie - the same as James's daughter

Fi, who is also secretly dating Max, was also heard telling Josh that “all was in hand” during the episode. 

Her previous confession to Mick Carter that her mother killed herself when she was a child also adds strengthens speculation she is James’s daughter, as long-term fans will remember his wife also took her own life.  

After originally lying to Mick that her father was also dead, a phone call she later made revealed he was actually still alive and well.  

But is this all coincidence, or is James Willmott Brown really back on the Square?

Viewers will hopefully have some of their questions answered when ‘EastEnders’ continues on Friday at 8pm on BBC One. 

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