‘EastEnders’ Spoiler: Louise Mitchell Actress Tilly Keeper Hints At What’s To Come For The Mitchells (EXCLUSIVE)

Phil Mitchell's daughter is already causing quite the commotion.

Actress Tilly Keeper is settling into her role as Louise Mitchell in ‘EastEnders’, and the star has now hinted at what’s coming up for her on-screen family.

In recent episodes, viewers have seen the cunning Louise outsmarting Phil and stealing his credit card, before taking on Abi Branning, who had figured out her scheme.

<strong>Tilly as Louise</strong>
Tilly as Louise
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Teasing the coming episodes during a chat with The Huffington Post UK, Tilly revealed that her character will show a (slightly) softer side.

She explained: “I think you’ll see a more vulnerable and younger side to Louise, because she’s putting on a grown-up front.

“But it would be nice for her to show a softer side - though at the same time I’m having so much fun playing her how she is, so I hope that continues.

When I auditioned they said, ‘a girl who gets her own way’, so I thought, ‘ok, I can do that!’.

“And then just when I had my characterisation meetings, I realised just how manipulative she was going to be.”

It’s not just Abi that Louise has disagreed with, and there’s also the small issue of her tumultuous relationship with Ben, which isn’t going to repair itself any time soon.

<strong>Abi and Louise are set to clash again</strong>
Abi and Louise are set to clash again
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“It looks like a rocky road, doesn’t it?” Louise said of the pair. “When they were younger they did bond over some things, like Lady Gaga and stuff...

“I think they’re always going to have a troublesome relationship but it’s really fun to play.

“I think it’s quite an interesting relationship considering he used to abuse her.

“But they were both young and now they’ve grown up. As brother and sister, they are always going to fight.”

Sadly, when it comes to the much-talked about Mitchell family reunion, which will see Barbara Windsor and Ross Kemp reprise their iconic roles, plans are being kept under wraps.

“People are going to have to wait and see, I’m going to have to wait and see,” Tilly said. “It’s a waiting game!”

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