26/04/2017 09:10 BST | Updated 26/04/2017 09:12 BST

'EastEnders': Shirley Carter May Have Just Cost Her Family The Queen Vic After Getting Embroiled In Max Branning's Revenge Plan

Mick will hit the roof when he finds out about this.

We have a feeling Shirley Carter may live to regret a huge decision she made in Tuesday (25 April) night’s ‘EastEnders’

The cash-strapped Walford resident has signed away the freehold of the Queen Vic to the devious Max Branning, unaware of the plans he has up his sleeve. 

Viewers have seen the Carter family buckling under the pressure of their money woes in recent months, and as their debts continued to rack up, Shirley was intrigued after Max suggested she could sell the pub’s freehold to his company. 

After getting landlady Linda’s consent, she ploughed on with her plan to solve their financial problems, but didn’t inform her absent son Mick of her intentions - even forging his signature on the paperwork. 

Oh Shirley, what have you done!

However, the Carters are in the dark about Max’s revenge plan against the people of Walford, which came to light in intriguing scenes earlier this year. 

Having been wrongfully imprisoned for the murder of Lucy Beale, Max paired up with a mystery businessman to wreak havoc on Albert Square, with his first target being the Queen Vic. 

And after receiving the signed paperwork from Shirley, he already began backtracking on some of the claims he’d set out to her about the sale, revealing his company would be involved in the running of the pub. 

Max Branning is plotting his revenge on the people of Walford

Immediately, Shirley appeared to twig she may have made a huge mistake, but could her actions just have cost her family their beloved pub?

It was previously revealed an old character will be returning to Walford in the coming weeks, seemingly part of Max’s revenge plan. 

‘EastEnders’ continues on Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

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