10/01/2017 11:47 GMT | Updated 10/01/2017 13:19 GMT

‘EastEnders’ Kat And Alfie Moon Spin-Off ‘Redwater’ May Be On Our Screens In A Matter Of Months

We'd forgotten that they were even planning this, to be honest.

It’s been almost two years since ‘EastEnders’ bosses announced that Kat and Alfie Moon would be getting their own spin-off series, and despite plenty of hype to begin with, the show has dropped off the radar more recently.

However, according to Shane Richie, we’ll finally get to see the drama, titled ‘Redwater’, in the coming months.

BBC Pictures
This press shot of the pair was released last year

Plans for the show were first announced in April 2015 (!) and the pair’s characters subsequently left Walford behind in the months that followed.

The series was then filmed in 2016, but for reasons that have not been made clear, the air date has been pushed back on a number of occasions.

Now, speaking on ‘The One Show’, Shane has reassured fans that ‘Redwater’ will be with us soon, stating: “We filmed it for five months last year and it will hopefully be hitting the BBC screens between March and April.

“Hopefully me and Jessie will be coming here to talk about it and hopefully show you an exclusive trailer. We are so excited about it.”

The series will chart Kat’s search for her long-lost son, with the initial plan being that the two characters would then return to Albert Square.

They did make a brief reappearance for Christmas in 2015 and were last seen on screen in January last year.

‘Redwater’ is being overseen by former ‘EastEnders’ executive producer Dominic Treadwell-Collins, and boasts an impressive cast, including Fionnula Flanagan, and ‘Game Of Thrones’ actor Ian McElhinney.

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