09/05/2017 08:45 BST

EastEnders' Former Boss Dominc Treadwell-Collins Criticises Decision To Kill Off Ronnie And Roxy Mitchell

It certainly wouldn't have happened on his watch.

EastEnders’ former executive producer, Dominic Treadwell-Collins, has slammed the decision to kill off Ronnie and Roxy Mitchell. 

The soap sisters died in dramatic fashion after they drowned on Ronnie’s wedding day on 1 January, after the characters were axed by new boss Sean O’Connor in a show shake-up.  

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Ronnie and Roxy Mitchell were axed from 'EastEnders'
Ronnie and Roxy died in a swimming pool on New Year's Day

Sean recently defended the decision to kill the siblings off, telling the Royal Television Society (via Metro): “They were not the sort of characters that would leave in the back of a taxi - we wanted to give them an operatic ending.”

Dame Barbara Windsor, who played Ronnie and Roxy’s aunt Peggy, previously called the move a “mistake”, telling The Sun last October: “It wasn’t the girls’ choice. It’s the new producer’s decision. I’m sure he’ll be good for the show, but that is a mistake. When I heard I was shocked.”

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Former exec producer Dominic Treadwell-Collins was upset to learn of the sisters' demise

Actress Rita Simons, who played Roxy, later threw shade at the soap after her departure, admitting she no longer watches it. 

She tweeted: “Don’t watch Enders anymore so forgive me if I’m misinformed. But from what I hear..is ANYONE mourning Roxy on the square? Poor cow.”

Ronnie actress Samantha Womack also shared Rita’s post on her Twitter account, having also retweeted a number of messages from fans who suggested it was the wrong decision to bump the pair off. 

However, it has been rumoured Rita and Samantha could be reunited on our screens before long, albeit on a different show...

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