19/02/2020 07:00 GMT | Updated 17/06/2020 11:49 BST

29 Reasons EastEnders' Sharon Mitchell Is The True Queen Of Albert Square

Long may Shazza reign.

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In EastEnders’ 35 years, many soap icons have been born – but none quite as fabulous as Sharon Mitchell (née Watts). 

A Walford original, Letitia Dean’s character started out in Walford as “Den and Angie’s little gewl”, before transforming into a sex bomb who proved to be like catnip to the obsessed Mitchell brothers.


Later years have seen Sharon take on a classic soap matriarch role, but with a saucy twist, as she dangerously embarked upon a clandestine affair with young grease monkey Keanu Taylor behind husband Phil’s back.

After Sharon was revealed as the new owner of the Queen Vic in the final episode before the soap fell off the air due to the coronavirus pandemic, we’re remembering all the times she earned her title as the Queen of Albert Square

1. When her son was in the kitchen, eating a biscuit


2. When she came close to drowning after telling Sonia to go back to Kettering


3. She consistently serves face better than anyone who has appeared on RuPaul’s Drag Race


4. Seriously

5. She can make any household item look provocative 


6. She always had a glib response for Peggy

7. When she really, really wanted Hunter to stay for pudding

8. Her trailblazing fashion 


9. Case in point, this handbag


10. She even wears an entire jug of cream with sophistication


11. And her hoodie of grief has become as iconic as the woman herself


12. When she refused to leave until she got what she came for

13. When she had beef with a cheese and pickle sandwich


14. When she had a shock pregnancy at the age of 49


15. She is the master of receiving a classic soap slap

16. She refuses to be intimidated...

17. ...Because she’s just as ’ard as her old man 


18. Woe betide anyone who crosses her


19. When she could have gone on all day, darlin’

20. When she had a dog that was literally her double


21. When she had sex with a 19-year-old on Phil’s kitchen table


22. When she whipped out a pair of fluffy handcuffs


23. When she bettered the Leonardo Di Caprio “cheers” gif

24. Genuinely, she creates more gif-able content than any other soap star

25. When she took on an armed robber in the Albert


26. When she made the mother of all comebacks and rightfully claimed her place behind that bar


27. When she tried to give parental advice to Linda like she was in any qualified position to do so


28. One word: Sharongate

29. And finally, when she snatched the Queen Vic right from under Phil