10/03/2016 00:05 GMT

'EastEnders' Spoiler: Denise Fox In Danger - Can Libby Save Her In Time?

Yep, it's still Mother's Day in Albert Square.

Here in the real world, Mother’s Day may have finished four days ago, but in ‘EastEnders’ the celebrations are still on-going.

And by ‘celebrations’ we of course mean 'prison breakouts, potentially deadly situations and family meals where Kim Fox-Hubbard is the only one present'.

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Will Libby be able to save her mum?

As Kim cracks into another bottle of wine at the restaurant in Thursday night's episode, she’s completely unaware of what’s going on just across the Square. Unbeknown to her, her sister Denise is struggling to cope with her former stepson Jordan Johnson, following the news that he’s planning to help his dad Lucas escape.

Luckily, Denise previously managed to get a note to Libby, who dashes across Walford in a bid to save her mum.

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Masood breaks down the door

With Masood’s help, Libby decides to force her way into the house, but will they get there on time?

Meanwhile, things are getting no better for the other half of the family, and at the end of Tuesday’s episode, viewers saw Vincent attempting to strangle his mother Claudette, after finding out that she killed his dad.

Tonight’s ‘EastEnders’ is a double bill. Catch the first episode at 7.30pm, and the second at 8.30pm.

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