09/02/2017 20:44 GMT

‘EastEnders’: Aunt Babe’s Exit Was Just As Dramatic As We Expected

She's gone!

Aunt Babe bowed out of ‘EastEnders’ on Thursday (9 February), and her exit didn’t disappoint. 

Annette Badland’s villainous character spent her last half an hour in Walford behaving typically terribly, and the show started with Babe, Shirley and Mick Carter all facing the wrath of the law, thanks to Babe’s secret boozy breakfasts. 

Babe cursed her family

When Mick then pleaded guilty to the crime, Shirley made her feelings clear, telling him it was time Babe was kicked out for good - a wish that was later granted. 

With some fight still left in her, Babe then directed her anger at Sylvie, taunting her and taking her to the canal and leaving her alone to die - but not before telling Shirley and Johnny the truth about the recent robbery at The Vic. 

Thankfully, Sylvie made it away in one piece, but by the time Babe took aim at Linda, it was game over, and Mick finally showed her the door - at which point she cursed the Carters in a scene that’s already iconic. 

We may not have seen the last of her though, as bosses previously hinted that Babe still might be able to cause havoc from a distance.

The Carters are also set to lose another family member in the coming weeks, as Lee will turn his back on the Square

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