‘EastEnders’: Danniella Westbrook Accuses Co-Star Of ‘Leaking Report Claiming She Was Sacked’

The actress isn't happy with the latest claims...

Danniella Westbrook has opened up about her brief return to ‘EastEnders’, claiming that reports stating she was sacked were leaked by a co-star.

The actress made the claims during an appearance on Rylan Clark’s new chat show, and she was insistent that her comeback wasn’t cut short by bosses.

<strong>Danniella Westbrook</strong>
Danniella Westbrook

In actual fact, Danniella insisted the false reports were down to one of the soap’s stars.

She said: “I was never called to an office, I never had a phone call, I was never given a letter, email or anything to say any of these things, just a phone call [from a newspaper] on Sunday night and then 'EastEnders' said to me it was leaked by a cast member."

"I was fine on set and I did everything properly because the job means a lot to me and the character means a lot to me, as do the Mitchells and Barbara," she told Rylan.

"I do feel really disappointed in the way I've been treated a bit and not protected."

<strong>Danniella reprised her role to say farewell to her on-screen mum </strong>
Danniella reprised her role to say farewell to her on-screen mum
BBC Pictures

Danniella will appear as Sam Mitchell later this month, when Peggy’s funeral airs.

Barbara Windsor’s final episode aired last night (Tuesday 17 May), and viewers were left stunned and delighted by the appearance of one character, who died back in 2012.

The show saw Peggy decide to take her own life, after taking one last look around the Square, making peace with the likes of Linda Carter and Sharon Mitchell.

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