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'EastEnders' Reveals Denise And Kim Fox Aren't Actually Sisters In Shock Bombshell


‘EastEnders’ delivered some bombshell news during Monday’s (6 February) episode, when it was revealed Denise and Kim Fox aren’t actually sisters. 

While the pair had always believed they shared the same mother - Emerald - it turns out Denise was actually taken in by her ‘mum’ after being brought home by an uncle of the family. 

The revelation came as it seemed Densie and Kim were starting to put their differences behind them, following Denise’s decision to have her baby son adopted. 

Denise Fox was actually adopted

As Emerald readied herself to leave Walford, following her recent visit, she wasn’t happy to see them sticking up for each other against her. 

As Kim quipped “thank goodness for sisters”, Emerald blurted out: “She ain’t even your sister!”

As she tried to leave without an explanation, Emerald eventually admitted Denise is not her biological daughter. 

The Fox sisters couldn't quite believe the news

Asked who is Denise’s real mum, she replied: “We don’t know. Your uncle brought you home and you were just a little dot. What else was I going to do?

“I may not have carried you, Denise, but I don’t stop being your mum just because you found out.”

The shock twist was not exactly met with a positive reaction from fans on Twitter: 

Find out how the 'sisters' react to the news tonight at 7.30pm on BBC One. 

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